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» » » Английский алфавит в стихах

Английский алфавит в стихах

Английский алфавит в стихахАнглийский алфавит в стихах поможет быстрее запомнить новые буквы! 

A for the animals, out in the stable,
B for the Babe in the manger cradle,
C for the carolers, happy and gay,
D for December, the 25th day,

E for the Eve when we're all so excited,
F for the fun when the Christmas tree's lighted,
G for the goose, so round and so fat,
H for the holly and Santa's red hat,

I for the ice on snow-covered hills,
where sledding is fun, in spite of the spills,
J is for Jesus, the Christ child so dear,
We honor His birth on Christmas each year,

K for the kitchen where Mom cooks the feast,
L for the light shining way in the East,
M for the mistletoe. Watch where it hangs!
N is the noel the angels first sang,

O for the ornaments trimming the tree,
P for the presents, for you and for me,
Q for the quaking of shepherds in fear,
when the bright angels brought them the words of good cheer,

R for the reindeer, leaping the roofs,
S for the stockings that Santa Claus stuffs,
T for the toys, the tinsel, the tree,
U is for us- the whole family,

V is for visitors, friends far and near,
W is for welcoming wreaths on the wall,
X is for Xmas, with pleasures for all,
Y is for Yule logs whose bright sparks fly high,

to give a warm welcome to friends passing by,
Z is for zeal we show at this time
in giving to others and loving mankind.

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лера 2 февраля 2010 13:28
Спасибо, классный алфавит на английском языке!
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